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The Best Rates! Only $10 Class, Just $50 a Month with Starlight Dance Studio in Victoria!

Apr 19, 2022 01:09PM ● By Kayla Mayer
"Starlight Dance Studio is a full-service Social and Competitive dance studio whose staff has been proudly serving the Crossroads area for over 20 years."

Are you tired of sitting at the table at weddings, family parties, or New Year's Eve parties while all your friends are dancing? Do you want to eliminate your fear of dancing on two left feet with no rhythm? Do you want to move gracefully across the dance floor? If so, Starlight Dance Studio is for you. All of the dances we teach--Ballroom, Latin, Country Western, Tejano-- are tailored specifically for you whether you are a beginning dancer or a seasoned competitor. Whether you have a partner or not with some practice you’ll learn to dance in no time. Then you’ll be dancing the night away!
Relax. At Starlight Dance Studio learning will be easy, comfortable, and thrilling . . . every step and figure of the way! You’ll never feel overwhelmed or intimidated, and within a few weeks you will have learned your way around the dance floor. We take great pride in our students and can’t wait to share our knowledge and experience with you!"

MariaElena Pulido said, "Great atmosphere. Always fun, makes learning fun! The instructors break it down to where it easy to learn and makes you want to learn more. I never thought I’d be dancing what I am. I’ve never felt so welcomed!"

Korrina Mayorga said, "The atmosphere is so welcoming. All positive attitudes. Looking forward for my next class."