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Save & Have More Fun in 2022 with This Special From Let's Dance Ballroom Studio in Victoria - Call to Schedule Now

May 23, 2016 04:14PM ● By Kayla Mayer

Let's Dance Ballroom Studio "brings you the finest Ballroom, Latin, Country, and Swing dance instruction in South Texas.

Call Now to Schedule Class time.  361-703-5220

Learn to Dance - Here are the Benefits!

1: Boosts your mood.

2: Keeps you fit and strong.

3: Improves your cardiovascular health.

4: Reduces stress.

5: Builds confidence.

6: Boosts memory.

7: Improves flexibility.

8: Diminishes Depression.

9: Lose Weight.

10: Increases your energy.

"Tired of being stuck inside? Are you ready to have fun? Looking for a new adventure?  Learn to Dance at Let’s Dance Ballroom Studio. Group Dance Classes Open to the Public in a Safe, Clean Environment. 6 feet away dancing. Get the exercise you need and receive the health benefits of dancing while you may also connect with others at a safe distance. Singles and groups welcomed to call and schedule studio time. Must Call to Schedule Class time so we can ensure 6 feet safety measures.  361-703-5220

Whether you are beginning or advanced, have a partner or not, they will tailor a program just for you! With this introductory special learn how to dance with 2 sessions for only $39.99. Tap the link below to download, print another copy of the coupon from your local Victoria Connection & Crossroads Connection Direct Mail & Online Magazine.

We are proud to teach 40+ styles of dance, including Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Tejano, Theatre Arts and Musical Theater. We also choreograph and teach Wedding Dances and Quinceanera formations. Our instructors excel at teaching all levels of students from first-time dancers to seasoned performers. Whether you intend to simply tear up your local honky-tonk floor, perform beautiful routines for your family and friends, or wow judges on a national competitive level, we can meet your dancing needs! Dancers of all ages are welcome!"

We offer three proven systems of instruction:

Private Lessons

Available for either a single dancer or couple, this is specific, one-on-one instruction. This is the most effective method of learning any and all dances of your choosing.

Group Classes

With or without a partner, group classes are a fun, effective way to supplement your private instruction. They also give you a fun way to meet and dance with other students and teachers here at Let’s Dance. Classes are available weeknights and offer general instruction in all our dances and levels. Check our calendar for this month’s dances being offered!

Social Dance Parties

Once a week we offer an extremely fun, social party for our students to apply what they’ve learned! There is no better way to practice your dancing than in our, friendly, elegant environment. Our parties are an essential part of your learning and will help you to become the best dancer possible.

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