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Financial Literacy for the Family Event

This FREE event is for parents, high school and middle school age students that want to get ahead in life financially. The lessons learned from this event will last a lifetime, students are allowed to make financial mistakes—and suffer the consequences of their decisions—in a realistic, environment. This event will feature MoneyLIVE a career & money simulation event for high school students. Participants will learn about careers in various areas, after learning and getting a career, participants will build a monthly budget based on their incomes. Each student is given a new life/identity and will be allowed to purchase cars; homes, cellphones, food, and clothing while being tempted to purchase things like computers, big screen TV's, trips and more. The event will also include MoolahLIVE for elementary through Jr. high school students. There will also be financial workshops for parents taught Wells Fargo Bank. The day’s activities are designed to deliver practical life and financial lessons to the entire family.

Date & Time

February 24, 2018

9:00AM - 12:00PM

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