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It's About Time - Presented by / at the Museum of the Coastal Bend

Excellent hands-on opportunity! Fun way to have "time on your hands."

Saturday, January 7th - Another excellent program presented by the Museum of the Coastal Bend. Learn how people of the past kept track of time. Enjoy hands-on activities such as building your own sand timer, creating a sundial, and reading a nocturnal! A member of CoBALT (Coastal Bend Archaeological Logistics Team) will be at the Museum from 11AM to 12PM to discuss the workings of clocks and answer questions. The Museum of the Coastal Bend showcases the rich multi-cultural heritage of the mid-coastal region of Texas. The Museum’s mission is to enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of the region's heritage. The Museum's purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret, and educate using the history and heritage of the region. "For many years The Victoria College worked with board advisers and volunteers from Victoria and nearby communities to develop the Museum of the Coastal Bend. The Victoria College is an established higher educational institution that has served the Coastal Bend community since 1925. The museum's founders began with a concept of creating a cultural institution for educational enrichment to enhance the public’s appreciation and enjoyment of the region’s heritage and the preservation of natural resources." Discover more at:
Date & Time
  • January 7, 2017
  • 10:00AM - 4:00PM


Interstate All Battery Center of Victoria