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g 2801 N Navarro St
Victoria, TX 77901


After they screw up your car and do not fix it properly they will then (after a couple of days) tell you that the exact same problem is not caused by the same thing, and will not honor there warranty. Check out BBB complaints, there are 6(soon to be 7), all about the same thing. Don't be fooled by BBB rating of A like I was (will be calling BBB to find out why this is) dig further and look the complaints. Also be aware they use video taping to try to make false cause and effect claims. Be prepared to make your own video and recordings if you do have deal with them. It will help when you have to take them to court after they screw up your car.

Submitted on May 13, 2016

I went in for freeze plug replacement. They drop the transmission and call me asking if they can replace my "nearly completely worn" clutch. I tell them not to, knowing my clutch was fine since i've been driving a manual transmission for 15+ years. This truck in particular for the last 2 years with a brand new clutch. I know what a worn clutch feels like and again, this clutch was just fine. I get my truck back and drove it home(about .5 miles). Noticing the clutch was feeling much different than when I brought it in. I try driving it around the block to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Couldn't get it into reverse. I call and ask if they'd check it out for me. They were polite and said they would. After waiting a while they finally send someone to take it back to their shop. about an hour later they call and tell me everything is fine and ready. Taking a sigh of relief i go pick it up. Within an hour of normal driving through town i can barely get the truck into gear and there's grinding noises coming from my transmission. I drive this truck everyday and know my clutch very well. They tell me it's almost dead when i know it's not. then they tell me it's fixed and it's never been worse. They reassure me that they're a professional transmission shop. All i can say is that they know how to fix freeze plugs and they destroyed my clutch and tried to sell me another one+services.

Service on Jul 07