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Peter Piper Pizza Victoria TX

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In 1973, Peter Piper Pizza founder Tony Cavolo debuted his flagship restaurant in Glendale, Arizona, which remains in operation to this day.

Since then, our 4,000-square-foot stores have evolved into 10,000-square-foot “eatertainment” restaurants with a welcoming, contemporary design, state-of-the-art games, flat-screen televisions, free WiFi, plus beer and wine for adults. In 2013 we unveiled a next-generation restaurant design targeting Millennial families.

Peter Piper Pizza remains committed to innovation that meets the needs of today’s families. Yet we remain true to the mission upon which Tony founded the brand: make delicious pizza at reliable value. From dough made from scratch right in our restaurants, to vine-ripened California tomatoes, to freshly shredded, 100% real Mozzarella cheese, we make food that both parents and kids crave. Add to that a gameroom packed with the latest technology, and it's no wonder that Peter Piper Pizza ranked #2 in the Top 50 U.S. Pizzerias in sales per unit*.

Today we remain the ultimate food and fun destination for gatherings with family and friends.