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Enjoy $5.00 Lasertag and $3.00 a 4D Theatre at LaserWorld in Victoria

Apr 06, 2015 02:38PM ● Published by Dave Snell

 LaserWorld has the fun all families will enjoy this summer!  Plan a birthday party or family reunion at LaserWorld today.  Enjoy an amazing time, safe and secure with the laser tag, 4D theater, arcades and more.  Have even more of a blast!...Just tap the link below to download and print another coupon anytime, everyday. 

About Laser World in Victoria:

The concept for Laser World was conceived when Jim Brand and his wife, Irma, were playing a game of laser tag in Austin. Irma casually mentioned that there is not much for young people to do in Victoria and that laser tag would be a great addition to the community.  Jim and Irma decided that the time had come for an awesome laser tag arena in Victoria and the idea for Laserworld was born that day. Jim later mentioned this exciting idea to his good friend and business partner, Dante Garza, and asked if he’d like for their families to join forces to create a family entertainment center in Victoria. They envisioned a place where families could come together to enjoy safe, clean fun while creating lasting memories; place with something to offer guests of all ages with a focus on laser tag. The two friends agreed to embark on the journey that has become Laserworld.

The Laser World facility in Victoria:

• Laser World was designed by insightful, progressive architects and created by skilled craftsmen and engineers from around the world.

• A commingling of Peruvian jungle ruins and space age technology to create a
   mystical fantasy world of delight for all ages. 

• An eight-foot waterfall flowing from an ancient temple wall.  

• Three story maze of towers and ramps.

• Flowing waterfalls and erupting volcanoes.

• Elaborate temple ruins. 

• Surprises await with every step - Peruvian ruins, volcanoes, tornados, waterfalls and more. 

• Themed party rooms masterfully created with murals of astonishingly realistic jungle scenes and breathtaking, panoramic views of erupting volcanoes.  

• Ultra-modern 4D Theater is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning of thrill seekers as it takes them on an amazingly life-like journey. 

• State of the art Video Arcade provides a wide variety of games for players of all ages to enjoy. 

• Home-made pizzas, comprised of only the finest ingredients.