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$50.00 Off the Registration Fee at Crossroads Christian School in Victoria

Apr 06, 2015 01:51PM ● By Dave Snell

Crossroads Christian School is Flexible. Personalized. Comprehensive. Affordable. Parent-Directed. Student-Focused.

Small class sizes! Individual attention! CTE, A/P and modified courses. Every student has the opportunity to succeed! Bring the coupon from your local Crossroads Connection to save $50.00.

Follow these links to discover more about Crossroads Christian School:

"Crossroads Christian School is a career and college-preparatory Christian school. We value a learning environment that considers individual student needs while encouraging growth academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.  CCS is a private part-time Christian School that provides a one-on-one and small group learning environment that supports a students’ home-centered education.  On-campus classes meet two to four days per week, with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days.

With instruction and guidance from experienced, degreed and certified teachers, it offers the unique opportunity for the one-on-one instruction that is so productive in a homeschool environment, while encouraging socialization and interaction with instructors and peers.  Combined Schooling Options include: Part Time Enrollment, Full Time Enrollment, Extended Enrollment and Dual Credit Enrollment. In addition to enrollment options, students enrolled may choose the college bound or career (non-college bound) track and have access to participate in select extra-curricular activities, mission trips, etc.  

Because homeschools in Texas are private schools and are not regulated by the state, CCS Homeschool students have unlimited opportunities for coursework and electives. In order to ensure that CCS Homeschool students have comparable accountability and privileges as the students in the traditional setting, Crossroads Christian School has set the necessary standards to keep the program accountable.

Inspiring leadership as well as learning, CCS is a quality alternative to the educational concerns we face today.  Our roles as mentors and educators offer a level of individualized care that no other school can provide as we foster individual achievement through flexible, personalized learning.  We provide a structured, interactive, self-paced education where each student has a curriculum based on his or her individual educational needs and academic goals.  From Modified to Advanced Placement courses, every student will have the opportunity to succeed."